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clisp under Windows95?

>>>>> "JL" == John Levine <johnl@dai.ed.ac.uk> writes:

JL> 1. Is it possible to run CLISP under Windows95? If so, how? At the
JL> moment I only seem to be able to run it in DOS mode.

There is version of CLISP which was built using the win32 toolchain being
developed by Cygnus.  It may be of some use to you:


JL> 2. Is it necessary to recompile CLISP in order to be able to call
JL> C functions from within CLISP (again, this would be under
JL> Windows95)?

I haven't used the clisp-link scripts on NT or Win95.  I suspect
they will not work, since there are some problems w.r.t. to emulating
symlinks using the cygwin DLL.  But with lowered expectations, you
could probably get something working without much stress.  If your
question is "does CLISP portably support dynamic linking" the answer
is (ugh, still) no.

JL> 3. Is it possible to embed CLISP within a Windows95 application
JL> written in Microsoft Visual C++? That is, I want this application
JL> to start up lisp when it starts up and for the application to be
JL> able to execute lisp functions when it sees fit.

Some work has been done on compiling CLISP with the Microsoft
compiler, but it isn't finished.  You might investigate talking to
CLISP via socket-streams or some kind of custom IPC (unfortunately the
current version of the Cygnus toolchain doesn't support sockets, I'd
guess the next release probably will).