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Re: clisp under Windows95?

Marcus Daniels writes:

> JL> 1. Is it possible to run CLISP under Windows95? If so, how? At the
> JL> moment I only seem to be able to run it in DOS mode.
> There is version of CLISP which was built using the win32 toolchain being
> developed by Cygnus.  It may be of some use to you:
>   http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp/binaries/win32-beta/win32.zip

I retrieved this, unzipped it into c:\winclisp and then tried
running c:\winclisp\clisp.bat in Windows95, but I got:

   Cannot find /bin/sh.exe, copy /usr/bin/bash.exe to it!
   Cannot find /usr/bin/sh.exe, copy /usr/bin/bash.exe to it!

   *** - UNIX library error 2 (ENOENT): no such file or directory

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

> JL> 2. Is it necessary to recompile CLISP in order to be able to call
> JL> C functions from within CLISP (again, this would be under
> JL> Windows95)?
> I haven't used the clisp-link scripts on NT or Win95.  I suspect
> they will not work, since there are some problems w.r.t. to emulating
> symlinks using the cygwin DLL.  But with lowered expectations, you
> could probably get something working without much stress.  If your
> question is "does CLISP portably support dynamic linking" the answer
> is (ugh, still) no.

Sorry, I don't understand this. Do you mean that it is possible to call
external C functions without recompiling the lisp? If so, how can I do it?

Another question:

4. Is it possible to run the DOS version of CLISP under Windows95? Do I
   have to use RSX to do this? What properties do I need to set so that I
   don't get the "DPMI not supported" message coming up?

Many thanks,

John Levine,
Department of Artificial Intelligence,
University of Edinburgh.