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Re: bindings of *DEBUG-IO*

Nathan Sidwell <nathan@bristol.st.com> writes:

> I'm getting confused about the binding of *DEBUG-IO* when
> using clisp non-interactively with the -x command line option.
> It appears that *DEBUG-IO* becomes a two-way-stream, rather than
> a synonym for *TERMINAL-IO*.

Yes, the -x command line option sets *DEBUG-IO* to a two-way-stream
with null input (i.e. (make-string-input-stream "") or, equivalently,
(make-concatenated-stream)). My understanding of the -x option is that
it instructs CLISP to start up in batch mode. Unfortunately, as was
noted on this mailing list some days ago, the batch mode implementation
is currently incomplete: CLISP doesn't exit on errors or when Ctrl-C is

If you don't want batch mode, you should use the -l (load file) option
instead and write the commands and a final (EXIT) statement into the
file to be loaded.

> However I can't find this documented
> anywhere in either the manual page describing -x, or the
> implementation notes, grepping the doc directory left me none the wiser.

To find out more about this issue, you would have had to consult the source.


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