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can't build 1996-07-22 on linux 2.0.10


After a configure, the make process bombs out during the 'make
interpreted.mem' phase:


[ ... ]

;; Loading file format.lsp ...
;; Loading of file format.lsp is finished.
;; Loading file /usr/src/languages/clisp-1996-07-22/src/user1.lsp ...
;; Loading of file /usr/src/languages/clisp-1996-07-22/src/user1.lsp is
*** - handle_fault error1 !
SIGSEGV cannot be cured. Fault address = 0x1.
make: *** [interpreted.mem] Segmentation fault


What I did:

	configure --prefix=/usr
	cd src; ./makemake --with-readline

Compiler is gcc 2.7.2, libc is version 5.3.12.

The only interesting thing that happened during the configure is that the
'ffcall' stuff failed the tests.  But that seems to only change whether or
not configure recommends using the '--with-dynamic-ffi' with makemake.  At
any rate, it won't even build lisp.run if I try using dynamic ffi.

I poked around at the sigsegv.c in the unix directory.  It compiled and
seems to have worked (the two addresses were the same).

Any thoughts?