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database access

	These are newbie questions, I admit. No flames if you can hold 
	'em back :)

	Some objects are unprintable (ie: #<ob-name>). Some subset of
	unprintable objects could be CLOS class-instances. If I defined
	a print-function in defclass, should instances of this class
	miraculously become printable?

	Second question: Has a database interface been written for
	Postgres (PostGres95 (not to do with Win95) more specifically)
	by chance? For unix, NetBSD i386, if required.

	I am an experienced C programmer; would it be involved to write
	an interface if none have yet been written?

	The reasons I ask both these questions are for object storage.
	The database would be the big winner so I could write out object
	state information, but failing that, printing objects to files
	could be workable. Slower?



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