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system::*source-file-types* is not documented


an Amiga-CLISP user just pointed out the fact that the very useful
*source-file-types* variable is documented nowhere, even though it
helps loading and compiling foreign Lisp packages immensely,
especially those with file type ".lisp".

Here's some text for impnotes.txt, section 23.4 (LOAD), after *LOAD-PATHS*
The variable SYSTEM::*SOURCE-FILE-TYPES* contains a list of source filename
types that are looked for when searching inside *LOAD-PATHS*. The
default value is (#".lsp").
The same text could appear in the compiler section too.

I wonder if it would be useful to mention system::*compiled-file-types*
too. Generally, every compiler has it's own binary file type.

	Jo"rg Ho"hle.
Joerg.Hoehle@gmd.de			hoehle@zeus.gmd.de