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CLISP on Debian

>>>>> On Thu, 19 Sep 96 07:40:26 +0200, Marcus Daniels <marcus@sysc.pdx.edu> said:

>>>>> "RT" == Richard Tietjen <rtietjen@kale.connix.com> writes:
    RT> I obtained termcap-compat, installed it, and ran make to no
    RT> avail.  LD announces the same error as before.  termcap-compat
    RT> added /lib/libtermcap.so.2 to my system, but ld is seeking
    RT> libtermcap.a, right?  My understanding of Unix/Linux C and
    RT> libraries etc. and their dependancies is nil.  Is there
    RT> something simple I need to do?

    Marcus> I've noticed that Debian library packages may not set the
    Marcus> `developer' symlink.  In /lib, try "ln -s libtermcap.so.2
    Marcus> libtermcap.so", and see if that corrects the problem.

Hi Marcus,

The debian install did the symlink correctly, that's not it.  So, is
ld NOT looking for an 'a' version of libtermcap.so?  BTW, it seems that
sayre doesn't respond to http or ftp connection requests, the past
couple of days that I've tried anyway.  

On another, Lisp related, topic: have you heard of metahtml, at
www.metahtml.com?  Someone named Brian Fox, author of BASH, wrote it
to strongly resemble Scheme.  A cursory inspection last night suggests
it to be a set of tools for processing pseudo-html text files with
embedded programming into browser-ready pages, either on-the-fly
through their httpd daemon, through the CGI version, or even
pre-processed through a filter version.  The embedded command language
seems to follow the functional, recursive evaluation paradigm, which I
think that will make me very happy.