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Having problems compiling CLUE on a Linux machine


I'd like to be able to compile all of the XIT-CLIO-CLUE package on a
Linux machine.  I believe I have about the latest version of CLISP for
Linux ELF (I know it's a version from last spring, but can't swear it's
the definite latest).  I got all 3 packages (in the
/packages/clue+clio+xit.clisp.tar.z-split/ directory) from a CLISP
mirror (ftp.stat.ucla.edu).

First of all, I have a question.  Now that CLISP has (most of) CLOS, do
we still need to use to build CLX on top of PCL in order to compile
CLUE?  Or will we have problems with the MOP?  (Remember, I'd also like
to try CLIO and XIT!) 

I tried both ways, but I still get the same package conflicts when
building CLUE.  I remember having conflicts with at least 3 symbols
(FLET and others I can't recall), and this, for both the CLUE and CLUEI
packages.  I then get a prompt asking me to choose from which package
the symbol should be visible.  The other package is either COMMON-LISP
or LISP.

But I select one of the two, and the compilation eventually gets done. 
When all the compiling is done, and that all files get loaded before
dumping the image, I then get an error complaining that the
intrinsics.fas file cannot be loaded...  It hasn't been compiled for
some reason.  I looked in the makefile... it's in there.  If I try to
compile it by itself, it can't compile it.  Some undefinied symbol or
function stops it.

I do get a clue.mem output, but this doens't let me run the menu

When trying to compile this example, I get other conflicts, and other
prompts appear.

Moreover, The CLX on CLISP's CLOS can't see the CLUEI packages.  (I
still can't go very far if I (use-package...) manually.
The CLX on PCL just breaks when trying to rename the PCL package to the
(already existing) CLOS.

Has anyone been succesful in compiling those packages on recent versions

Have CLISP's packages functions been modified lately?

Please help!


Martin Proulx