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clisp console output problem

Hello.  I have noticed that when using clisp (1996-07-22) in an emacs
buffer or at the console, it produces different (incorrect) output
than when connected to a pipe. The problem shows up when printing
numbers longer than 8192 digits:
 $ clisp -q -x "(expt 10 8192) (bye)" | cat

produces correct output ('1' followed by 8192 '0's), but:

 $ clisp -q -x "(expt 10 8192) (bye)"

produces '1' followed by 8191 '0's and then a '1'.

It seems to happen with any larger number, anything after the first
8192 digits is simply a copy of the first 8192.

This is running on linux-2.0.12/libc-5.2.18/emacs-19.32


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