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Re: Trying to build Lisp.app

> >>>>> "RK" == Roger Kirchner <rkirchne@phobos.mathcs.carleton.edu> writes:
> RK> I followed nextapp/INSTALL.  Everything went smoothly, but the
> RK> Lisp.app build failed with some undefined symbols
> When building with the dynamic-ffi support or the gettext support,
> what is needed is a `Makefile.preamble' file that tells Project Builder
> where to find the support libraries.  Something like:
> CLISP_BUILD = /build/clisp
> OTHER_LDFLAGS = -L$(CLISP_BUILD)/avcall -L$(CLISP_BUILD)/trampoline -L$(CLISP_BUILD)/vacall -L$(CLISP_BUILD)/gettext/intl

I created a Makefile.preamble with

CLISP_BUILD = /Roger/clisp-1996-08-29/m68k

(I didn't have a gettext directory.)  But the symbols still aren't
being found.  Do I need to redo some steps?

cc -g -O -Wall -I./sym -arch m68k -ObjC -L/Roger/clisp-1996-08-29/m68k/avcall -L/Roger/clisp-1996-08-29/m68k/trampoline -L/Roger/clisp-1996-08-29/m68k/vacall -sectcreate __ICON __header Lisp.iconheader -segprot __ICON r r -sectcreate __ICON app Lisp3.tiff -o Lisp.app/Lisp m68k_obj/BreakManager.o m68k_obj/CommandScroll.o m68k_obj/Coordinator.o m68k_obj/LispPreferencesPanel.o m68k_obj/LispServer.o m68k_obj/LispText.o m68k_obj/MyPanel.o m68k_obj/Lisp_main.o m68k_obj/nxterminal.o lisp.o modules.o -lMedia_s -lNeXT_s -ltermcap
ld: Undefined symbols:
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

Thanks, Roger