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Spanish Translation of CLisp

Hi there:

This is my first post to the mailing list so, let me introduce myself
before treating the main reason of this mail:

I'm a computer engineer and I work on Artificial Intelligence. I use
to program in C and Lisp. As I'm 'in love with GNU philosophy', I 
work with gcc and clisp (I do not like gcl so much as clisp).

Moreover, when I teach Common Lisp I always distribute CLisp (the
last available version, sometimes for DOS, other times for Unix OS).

On the other hand, I belong to the Spanish GNU Translation Team. As you
might know, the GNU Translation Team take progs and extract all
its messages, which are written to other file that everybody calls
'.po'. All the sentences of this file can be translated, one by one
(a great job!). Ok! I offered myself for translating CLisp (version
1996-03-31) and I need a little help: please, if you could, read this
and tell me, ...

The main idea is to translate clisp to Spanish. That means that all
messages could be seen in Spanish (but the language will be 
unaltered, of course; on the other hand, all the copyright remains 
the same and I'll never take part in them). However, I have some

* Sometimes I've found messages that I don't understand at all
(what's about 'Mach'?)
* Other terms are very difficult to translate (for instance, what's
a multihop?).
* If the messages will be seen in Spanish but *all* the commands
remain in english, what about yes-or-no-p? (for instance). If I write:

> (yes-or-no-p)
Please, answer yes or no:

..., what should be seen in Spanish?

> (yes-or-no-p)
Por favor, responda yes(si) o no(no):

Hmmmm, it doesn't look well! :( Then, I ought to modify certain
parts of the code and add a new option to the #L directive (ESPAÑOL).
Although permissions are granted for doing it (CLisp is GNU, isn't it?),
I need to know if you would maintain such changes, ..., this is, ftp'in
the new releases in Spanish in your ftp server and helping as much 
as possible (that doesn't mean that you ought to work on it, but 
simply answering my silly questions, ...)

At last but not least, I need people who would like to review my
work (this is specially intended for the spanish spoken members of
this list, ... -I know you are there ;) ).

Anyway, I'd like to know if you are interested in this and if you
could help. Please, notice it won't take you a long. I do not need
people working at home, but some answers to some questions pertaining
the translations (of course, if you want to review the '.po' file,
that would be great!!!!)

I'd like to hear from you. If you do, I'ld post a file with all
the questions I have till this time. It is not expected you would
speak in Spanish for answering the questions, ...

Consider that I've translated 522 messages of 1300!! So, this is a
serious work! :) You can see!! :)

Bye, (and Merry Christmas!)

Carlos Linares Lopez
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Facultad de Informatica       
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Espana (Spain)