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Re: Spanish Translation of CLisp

>>>>> "CL" == Carlos Linares <clinares@delicias.dia.fi.upm.es> writes:

CL> * Sometimes I've found messages that I don't understand at all
CL> (what's about 'Mach'?)  

CLISP includes some support for memory allocation primitives provided
by the Mach microkernel; so "Mach" would remain as is.

CL> * Other terms are very difficult to translate
CL> (for instance, what's a multihop?). 

That's a system-call diagnostic code.  
Here's what the Solaris 2.5.1 manpage (man -s 2 intro) has to say:

     74  EMULTIHOP   Multihop attempted
            This error is RFS specific.  It occurs when users try
            to  access  remote  resources  which are not directly

CL> * If the messages will be seen in Spanish but *all* the commands 
CL> remain in english, what about yes-or-no-p? (for instance). If I write:

  > (yes-or-no-p)
   Please, answer yes or no:

CL> .., what should be seen in Spanish?

  > (yes-or-no-p)
   Por favor, responda yes(si) o no(no):

CL> Hmmmm, it doesn't look well! :( Then, I ought to modify certain
CL> parts of the code and add a new option to the #L directive

If simple lexical substitution following the CLISP code as it is
results in awkward Spanish, just tell me how you would like it to
look, and I'll make the changes (or if it is easier, hack it yourself
and I'll tweak it afterward if necessary).

CL> I need to know if you would maintain such changes, ...


CL> Consider that I've translated 522 messages of 1300!!