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Re: CLISP on Debian

Ricardo Aler Mur writes:
 > But then, after the (compile-file "src/config") I get:
 > *** - nonexistent directory: #"/proc/1/[0303]:2/"
 > 1. Break> where
 > EVAL frame for form (COMPILE-FILE "src/config")
 > 1. Break> 
 > I'm stuck :(. Any ideas?

Could it be that you have something like "/" (or your $HOME is /) in
*load-paths* and that CLISP needs to know that /proc/ is a special
file system that it should not descend into for files to be loaded or

Just a guess, I have no Linux box.
	Jo"rg Ho"hle.
Joerg.Hoehle@gmd.de		http://zeus.gmd.de/~hoehle/amiga-clisp.html