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Re: compiling ucpop

   Can anyone understand why I might get the error

   ERROR in function GET-OPERS-TEST-TEMPL in lines 263..275 :
   RETURN-FROM block TEST-TEMPL is impossible from here.

   when compiling

   ;;; quickly get those operators in the templates that match a condition
   (defun get-opers (condition &aux (ret nil))
     (labels ((test-templ (templ)
		(dolist (e (p-step-add templ) nil)
		  (dolist (a (effect-add e))
		    (when (and (eql (car a) (car condition))
			       (or (not (eq (car a) :not))
				   (eql (caadr a) (caadr condition))))
		      (return-from test-templ t))))))
       (dolist (templ *templates* ret)
	 (when (test-templ templ)
	   (push templ ret)))))

Blocks around functions established with LABELS and FLET are a cltl2
addition.  In Clisp you should use CL instead of LISP, or use
CL:LABELS instead of LABELS.

Maybe starting Clisp with '-p CL-USER' fixes this (or maybe not).

Cheers,  P.