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Latest version?


Been out of the loop for a while (although I get the CLISP list)
and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what's what.  I see
some recent versions but no corresponding announcement on the CLISP 

First, the last "announced" (mentioned) release (at least in the CLISP list)
is 96-04-17.

Then there seems to have been a 96-05-30 through the normal channels.

Then we go to source-haible/96-07-22.

Finally we have some sort of snapshot on 97-02-11.

Is there an "official" and a snapshot release or are there three:

Haible (96-07-22), Daniels (96-05-30), and Daniels/snapshot (97-02-11)?

What are the differences?

Which should the general population use?

Are announcements (of sorts) planned to accompany future releases giving
some rough details?



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