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Re: Latest version?

>>>>> "BM" == Blake McBride <blake@edge.net> writes:

BM> Is there an "official" and a snapshot release or are there three

BM> What are the differences?

The 1996-05-30 and snapshots include gettext and Windows 95 support,
and some reworked internals for future multithread work.  The snapshots are
my way of making all available work from my end of things, with the
understanding it just happens to be what I'm using at the time. 
Thus, the snapshots are more likely to break, but on the other hand are
closer to my head and can be fixed with less effort from me.

1996-07-22 doesn't include the large quantity of gettext changes, and
is a continuation of Bruno's work.  Thus, 1996-07-22 is presumably
more stable (as it is more clear to the main author as to its status).

BM> Which should the general population use?

In the context of this apparent "what is the right answer?" sort of
question, I would say 1996-07-22.  However, if you are working on a
project for CLISP, my source tree will reflect your changes right
away, and might be more convenient.  In any case, bug fixes will end up
in both versions.

BM> Are announcements (of sorts) planned to accompany future releases
BM> giving some rough details?

I will continue to maintain the gettext version for the indefinite
future (at least until the Spanish issue gets addressed in some form),
and intend to make a release with improved Win95 soon after the next
gnu-win32 release, whenever that happens to be (May, perhaps?).

I think it is accurate to say that both sources trees are pretty much
static at this time.  As for myself, I won't have time to much of
anything with CLISP until April.