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CLISP and garnet

Dear CLISP users and developpers,

I'm a novice in CLISP and would like to use it together with
the "garnet system".

CLX is already installed and it works fine, although I need to
redefine "xhost +" (working with SGI OS 6*).
The system works with
        xhost -
but it produces some connection error if only
my own system has control access.

Apparently the "garnet-loader.lsp" is producing some problem.
Actually, I've changed the Pathnames as suggested, but it still
appears to be some problem with loading it:
> (load "garnet-loader.lsp")
;; Loading file garnet-loader.lsp ...
** Loading Garnet Version 3.0 from :CLISP
...Loading Garnet ...

****** NOT Loading CLX *******

... ... ... ...

****** NOT Loading C32 *******
** To load C32, execute (load Garnet-C32-Loader)

****** NOT Loading Lapidary *******
** To load Lapidary, execute (load Garnet-Lapidary-Loader)

... Garnet Load Complete ...
;; Loading of file garnet-loader.lsp is finished.

furthermore the compiler script depends on some pathname which
I don't know where to redefine.
> (load "garnet-compiler.lsp")
;; Loading file garnet-compiler.lsp ...
  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%  Compiling Utils %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

*** - nonexistent directory: #"/tmp1/egerteis/src/"
1. Break>

Has someone already been faced with similar problems.
I would be grateful for any assistance in getting started.

Best regards


Edgar A. Gerteisen                         phone : +41-91-6108233
CSCS/SCSC                                  fax   : +41-91-6108282
Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico     e-mail: egerteis@cscs.ch
Via Cantonale
CH-6928 Manno