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Re: building a cross-compiler (trying to use #+CROSS)

Hi Joerg,

> has anybody ever successfully built a cross compiler the way it is
> described at the top of the file COMPILER.LSP?

Yes, this is how CLISP's compiler was bootstrapped in 1989. I used a
Sun with 8 MB and KCL to compile the compiler, because the interpreted
compiler wouldn't fit in the 1 MB Atari ST. Since then, cross compiling
support has occasionnally been useful when doing incompatible changes
to the bytecode.

> Is there any way not to bootstrap through the full interpreted.mem ->
> halfinterpreted.mem (with only compiler.lsp compiled) -> compiled.mem
> sequence with every new release of CLISP?

You need to go through this full sequence only if the bytecode has changed.
It hasn't changed since 1996-07-19, and is platform independent since then.
You can therefore just take the .fas files from a Sun or other platforms
and use them on Amiga. Afterwards, you should still recompile everything
once, to get the correct code for the few #+/#- conditionals.