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Re: "Abort - core dumped"

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Bruno Haible wrote:

>   - the version of clisp which is producing this bug:
>     (lisp-implementation-version), (software-type), (software-version),

> (lisp-implementation-version)
"September 1993"

> (software-type)
"ANSI C program"

> (software-version)
"GNU C 2.3.3"

>   - the name of the platform on which this is occuring,

UNIX(r) System V Release 4.0

It's a sun 10.

I've been told it happens in Linux for PC too. I'll try to gather the

I've tried the same program in an HP-UX B.10.01 A 9000/715 and the error
message I get is:

*** - no more room for LISP objects

So it looks like a memory problem. In both cases (sun and HP) the size of
memory used grows more and more until the programs stops with "Abort" (in
the sun case) or "*** no more ..." in the hp case.

Here is the data for the HP:

1. Break> (lisp-implementation-version)
"1996-05-14 (May 1996)"

1. Break> (software-type)
"ANSI C program"

1. Break> (software-version)
"GNU C 2.7.2"

>   - the program which triggers the bug (if you succeed in making it
>     smaller without making the bug go away, you're welcome),

The program is quite big and setting it up is not trivial. If you need it,
I might open you an account here in the HP (Marcus already used it).

>   - tell whether you ran your program interpreted or byte-compiled.

byte-compiled in all the cases.

R. Aler