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Re: error runing clisp under windows 3.1

Hector Gomez Gauchia <hgomez@uax.es> writes:
> I installed clisp in a pc and it runs under DOS but I try to run it in a
> window and I got this message , Can any one help me?
> C:\UTILMIO\CLISP\MISFILES>c:\utilmio\clisp\lib\rsx.exe c:\utilmio\clisp\lib
> .exe  -M c:\utilmio\clisp\lib\lispinit.mem
> RSX (32bit rel 5) dpmi 0.9-1.0 extender (c) Rainer Schnitker '93 '94
> WARNING: emx 0.9b or later required
> ...
> process 2 get hardware fault 12 (stack fault) at 10ED1

With this version of RSX (rel 5) you need to pass the option -Ra, like this:

DOS> c:\utilmio\clisp\lib\rsx.exe -Ra c:\utilmio\clisp\lib\lisp.exe -M c:\utilmio\clisp\lib\lispinit.mem