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Re: Problem on HP-UX 10.20

Kevin W. Beam <Kevin_W._Beam@notes.up.com> writes:
> I've downloaded the binaries for the HP-UX 9000 platform (I'm running 10.20) 
> and am having the following problem:
> I execute clisp and try to perform the first thing as described in the README 
> file:
> $ lisp.run -M lispinit.mem
> ..
> > (compile-file "config")
> Memory fault(coredump)
> What is going on here...has anyone encountered a similar problem?

No idea.

But new binaries have arrived for SunOS, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX just a
few minutes ago. You might try out these new HP-UX binaries. And try out
whether not omitting the .lsp extension avoids the problem:
  > (compile-file "config.lsp")

> Is there something in the config.lsp file that needs to be changed to make 
> this work?

No, changes to config.lsp are expected only to match your taste (editor
preferences and the like).