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CLISP+CLX : pb with open-display

Hi all,

I apologize for that question that concerns more CLX than CLISP but
I hope to hear from you some answers. You may have been in such a case.

I have authorization failure from X server at every display opening.
I found a temporary solution with xhost that isn't very secure.
I'd like to have more infos about :authorization-name (-data) key
in function open-display to have a nice, clean usage of it.

Here it comes :

I'm on "levant" (Sparc 5, with Solaris 2.5, OpenWindows).
My DISPLAY has been set to levant:0 as well.
I do have rights on the X server : it works fine when I
launch xclock, for example...

levant% setenv DISPLAY "levant:0.0"
levant% echo $DISPLAY
levant% clx
> (sys::getenv "HOST")

> (sys::getenv "DISPLAY")

> (xlib::open-display "levant" :display 0)

*** - Connection failure to X11.0 server levant display 0: Client is not
authorized to connect to Server
1. Break
Obviously, it works fine when "levant" has been
added to the hosts list by :
xhost +levant

The latter solution is not very secure. Is there a nicer
way to use open-display on my machine ?

If anyone could lead me to a nice (and complete) manual of
CLX, I would appreciate. I found the official manual :
	CLX : Common Lisp Xinterface
	(c) 1989 Texas Instruments Inc
but it's very very short on X displays...

Thanks for any help,
Matthieu Quignard (mquignar@ens-lyon.fr)