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clisp 1997-05-03 for IRIX6.2

has anybody successfully built the 1997-05-03 sources on IRIX 6.2
it fails for me when loading up all the modules during loading of
compiler.lsp. the error reported is

*** - handle_fault error1 !
SIGSEGV cannot be cured. Fault address = 0x20000000.
Segmentation fault - core dumped
make: *** [interpreted.mem] Error 139

this occurs when compiling with gcc or with SGI cc. before I investigate
further, has anyone already fixed it? If not, then I'll poke around to
see where it's blowing up.

I notice that the last 6.2 binaries on the ftp site are dated 9.8.1996
-- is this the last successful such build?

The notes for IRIX 6.2 say that cc cannot compile in 64 bit mode, but
I'm not doing that. using CC, it falls over in the ./configure stage
CC -c ../../ffcall/avcall/avcall-mips.s
"../../ffcall/avcall/avcall-mips.s", line 4: error(3108): unrecognized
          preprocessing directive
   # GNU C 2.6.3 [AL 1.1, MM 40] Silicon Graphics Mips compiled by GNU C

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