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Re: System Calls from CLISP

Art Nuzzo <artn@bs724.comm.mot.com> writes:
> Is there any way to place system calls from inside CLISP? I am working on a
> project that would use CLISP to gather information from the operating system
> and then process the information.

Yes, this is possible. CLISP's source contains pre-made bindings to two
operating systems: Linux and AmigaOS. You can create your own binding
by { looking at | taking parts of | generate a module similar to }
clisp/src/bindings/linux/*. Doc about modules and the FFI is in
clisp/doc/foreign.txt and clisp/doc/module.txt.

And of course you can call external programs, using the functions
`run-shell-command' and `run-program'.