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Re: CLISP for Windows NT

Ed Kovach <ekovach@franuniv.edu> asked:

> I may be moving from Windows 3.11 to Windows NT.  Is there a version of
> CLISP for Windows NT?

YES. You'll find WinNT and Win95 binaries of clisp in

These new binaries are still in beta stage, but most things work now:

  - 8-bit clean console I/O,
  - generational GC,
  - delayed loading of the memory image (reduces the startup time),
  - subprocesses,
  - pipes,
  - sockets,
  - *keyboard-input*,
  - `time'.

Not yet in there:

  - speed,
  - FFI.

You can use it from the console, but I really recommend using it through
Emacs (GNU Emacs 19.34.1).