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Spanish Translation of CLisp

Hi there again,

Perhaps you thought I dissapeared, ... Ok! I've been quite busy
workin' on my Master Thesis (which I finished on May, 30). Next, 
I've been writing some articles and finishing some "homework" for
my PhD, ...

Anyway, I've finished the translation of 1001 messages. This means
there are only 320 ---more or less--- left and I hope to finish 
my work in August (I'm *almost* sure I'll offer the first release
in Spanish, in September).

I've downloaded, a few minutes ago, the last release of clisp and
I'd like to know if there is any new .pot file for this version, so
I could adapt my translation to the last changes. If so, where?

On the other hand, Bruno, could you tell me what kind of changes do
you expect to be done on CLisp for a full-Spanish release to be
offered? This is, do you want me to work on some kind of "spanish.lsp",
where new formats for dates, or things like that, should be done?

The last revision, with 762 messages translated is available in


To all spanish-speakers of this mailing list: If you have time, you
could take this file (it is an ASCII file, very easy to edit and read)
and revise the translation. I will fully apreciate this kind of help
(and that's all I can do, excepting the fact of including  your name
in the credits of the translation, of course, and if you live in
Madrid, I will pay some beers ;)


Carlos Linares Lopez
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Facultad de Informatica       
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Espana (Spain)