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Re: Spanish Translation of CLisp

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for continuing your work on the spanish translation.

> I'd like to know if there is any new .pot file for this version, so
> I could adapt my translation to the last changes. If so, where?

The newest .pot files are always in the clispsrc.tar.gz source package,
and on every major clisp version the GNU Internationalization mailing
lists are notified. Hope you have subscribed to <es@li.org>.

> To all spanish-speakers of this mailing list: If you have time, you
> could take this file (it is an ASCII file, very easy to edit and read)
> and revise the translation.

Actually, if you want to see the context (source code) of each message in
this file, you can do this using GNU po-mode (an Emacs mode specially
designed for this).

Btw, it's amazing that the spanish translation is nearly finished - with
8 clisp-list subscribers, and certainly 5 or 10 times more users outside
this mailing list. Whereas Sweden (10 subscribers), Italy (10 subscribers)
and Japan (9 subscribers) have not even begun translating...


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