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Clisp 1997-05-29 Win-Beta question

Hi, I've obtained the Win-Beta version of clisp-1997-05-29.  It
requires cygwin.dll.  (as a footnote, my NT system doesn't consider
the cygwin.dll that comes with win-beta to be a valid dll image.  So I
downloaded cygwin from Cygnus.)  Now when I run clisp thusly:

d:\win32app\clisp-1997-05-29\base\lisp -M \

I get an error message:

*** - |PARSE-NAMESTRING|: syntax error in filename "H:\\/" at position

I haven't seen anything that tells me what clisp is trying to
do.  What would make it happy?  Some kind of init file presumably. 

Thanks for any info.