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Re: No more room for Lisp objects

Bruce L. Lambert <lambertb@uic.edu> writes:
> When I invoke
> unix> clisp -W
> I expect no memory limitations. But when I try to allocate the big data
> structure I need, I get the dreaded "No more room" message.
> > (make-hash-table :size 1000000))
> *** - No more room for LISP objects

Apparently memory is not allocated dynamically, so you need to give an
upper bound:

  unix> clisp -W -m 200MB

(Sorry about that.) Since on your platform (Solaris 2.5.1)
generational GC is enabled, the upper bound will only be filled when
needed. Don't hesitate to give a large upper bound. Anyway, check the
results of `(room)'.