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Re: Re[2]: format ~/function/

Sam Shteingold <sshteingold@cctrading.com> wrote on 13 August:
>      1. (room) doesn't seem to comply with CLtL2.

Yes, thanks for the note.

>      3. How do I print a float with commifications (if I cannot use ~/f/)? 
>      I can use ~:d to get 1234567 printed as "1,234,567", but there seems 
>      to be no way to print 1234567.89 as "1,234,567.89".

This is not foreseen by CLtL2 or ANSI CL. You have to write your own
function for this. Since you cannot use ~/f/ to call this function, you
have to transform your format strings into pieces of regular Lisp code.
The `formatter' macro will help you much in doing this.

>      4. The manual mentioned in a previous message is 2 years old. (it is 
>      also in TeX, i.e.., unusable for those of us stuck with win32. What 
>      about (gnu)info, to be read with emacs?)

In 1997, it would be logical to write a manual in HTML. I'm not going to
do it, though (lack of time). Any volunteers?