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Re: Re[2]: format ~/function/

Leigh Smith wrote in August:
 > >      4. The manual mentioned in a previous message is 2 years old. (it is 
 > >      also in TeX, i.e.., unusable for those of us stuck with win32. What 
 > >      about (gnu)info, to be read with emacs?)
 > In 1997, it would be logical to write a manual in HTML. I'm not going to
 > do it, though (lack of time). Any volunteers?

And what would become logical in 1998?

I would find it more natural to suggest to write it in texinfo, as a
plethora of filters exist for conversion into (GNU)info (as desired),
html (as you want), AmigaGuide (for the Amiga), dvi (for TeX quality
output) and maybe others.

Do we really need a 7MB Netscape (or probably worse, MS-*) bloat just
to be able to read manpages?

	Jo"rg Ho"hle.
Joerg.Hoehle@gmd.de		http://zeus.gmd.de/~hoehle/amiga-clisp.html