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Re: clisp manuals

     1. HTML is pretty ugly, unless you spend all your life in Netscape. 
     (C-s - incremental search is a sufficient reason to read any HTML 
     manual in Emacs instead of Netscape and put up with the ugly markup). 
     I would suggest whatever is used for the LDP, as it translates to GNU 
     info, LaTeX and HTML from the single source.
     2. There is a TeX for win32 (of course!) but it is not a very good 
     distribution. I had a hard time installing it, and I could neither 
     print (yes, I *do* have a postscript printer) nor preview.
     3. Again, if CLISP conformed to the CLtL2 completely, the only thing 
     to document would be the implementation-specific stuff like 

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: format ~/function/
Author:  <clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> at INET
Date:    1997-08-19 14:44

>      4. The manual mentioned in a previous message is 2 years old. (it is 
>      also in TeX, i.e.., unusable for those of us stuck with win32. What 
>      about (gnu)info, to be read with emacs?)
In 1997, it would be logical to write a manual in HTML. I'm not going to 
do it, though (lack of time). Any volunteers?
TeX doesn't exist for win32? I find that hard to believe. LaTeX2HTML? 
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