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Re: ISO Lisp (was: Re[4]: format ~/function/)

Sam Steingold <sshteingold@cctrading.com> wrote:

>      Of course, as a European, you might be 
>      disgusted even more by the US-centrism of calling an ANSI CL *the* 
>      standard, but, as a reasonable person, you will probably admit that an 
>      ISO CL, if it ever appears, will be based on the ANSI CL. :-)

ANSI CL is the standard for Common Lisp. That's no "US-centrism" since
the standard was mostly made by US organizations, researchers and companies.

An ISO CL will probably not appear: ISO now has published a standard
called ISO/IEC 13816 "Programming language ISLISP - Langage de programmation
ISLISP", and nobody intends to submit ANSI CL for acceptance as an ISO