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Re: Spanish Translation of CLisp

Bruno Haible wrote:
> Hello Carlos,
> Thank you for continuing your work on the spanish translation.

That's a pleasure! 

> The newest .pot files are always in the clispsrc.tar.gz source package,
> and on every major clisp version the GNU Internationalization mailing
> lists are notified. Hope you have subscribed to <es@li.org>.

Yeap! I saw it just after asking for it in this mailing list, ... sorry!

By the way, I belong to es@li.org for 18 months, more or less. It is 
there where I realized you offered a .pot file and it is there where
everybody told me what to do for beginning the translation (send the
disclaimer, take gettext, install po-mode, etc).

> Actually, if you want to see the context (source code) of each message in
> this file, you can do this using GNU po-mode (an Emacs mode specially
> designed for this).

Yes, I know! Indeed, I'm doing all my job under the major mode po-mode
Emacs, of course!! With 's' I get the original 'source code' which is
with 'S', ...

> Btw, it's amazing that the spanish translation is nearly finished - with
> 8 clisp-list subscribers, and certainly 5 or 10 times more users outside
> this mailing list. Whereas Sweden (10 subscribers), Italy (10 subscribers)
> and Japan (9 subscribers) have not even begun translating...

I think so, In fact, Leo, a member of this list, is helping me with the
translation and he has yet done a great job!! (Thanks, Leo! :)

A silly question, ... What's the meaning of "btw"? I see it everywhere!!

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I just don't want to unsubscribe!!! :) (yeap, I know this is your 
signature, ...)

Carlos Linares Lopez
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Facultad de Informatica       
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Espana (Spain)