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Re: print control for HUGE objects

>     I have list of length >2000, and when i (step), they whole thing is
>     dumped on my screen whenever it is an argument to anything. This is
>     awfully annoying. Is there a way to tell lisp to print lists of length
>     >30 in a smart way - like the first 10 elements, the last 10 and the
>     length of the list? *Please* answer "yes" to this! :-)


See *print-length*, *print-level*, and *print-lines*.

In your case, I think you want *print-length*

Acording to Paul Graham (p. 395):


Either nil (the initial value) or a positive integer. If an integer, up to
that many elements of an object will be displayed, the rest being elided.
If nil, there is no limit."

So try

(setf *print-length* 10) or 20, or whatever...


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