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>>>>> "sshteingold" == sshteingold  <sshteingold@cctrading.com> writes:

    sshteingold>      What about adding some (moderate) GUI to CLISP?
    sshteingold> Like some sort of minimal stuff: open a window, write
    sshteingold> some text there, ask user with
    sshteingold> y-or-n-p/yes-or-no-p/read-line using a pop-up?  (more
    sshteingold> advanced stuff like menus would probably require much
    sshteingold> more work though...)  GCL uses TCL/TK, which requires
    sshteingold> X. I wonder what the win32 people will have to be
    sshteingold> content with.

        Tcl/Tk does *not* require X! That's precisely what make tcl/tk
so wonderful. Tcl/tk code is 100% portable across mac, windows and
unix. It only requires X under UNIX. The tcl/tk is distribuited  for
win32 as well as for unix. Official code from Sun.

        Python uses Tk widgets for interface, using the Tkinter

        It would be really great to make CLISP support Tk
widgets. There is a wish-lisp package, but is too
primitive. Compability with gcl-tk would be even better.



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