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Rodrigo Ventura <nuron@isr.isr.ist.utl.pt> writes:

>         Tcl/Tk does *not* require X! That's precisely what make tcl/tk
> so wonderful. Tcl/tk code is 100% portable across mac, windows and
> unix. It only requires X under UNIX. The tcl/tk is distribuited  for
> win32 as well as for unix. Official code from Sun.

I know everyone will disagree with me, but my small experience is that
Tcl/Tk is not very portable from version to version causing great pain
when new application require Tk4.1 when old one require Tk4.0. Is it a
great idea to distribute binaries for all platforms of interest with
statically linked libraries?

What is wrong with X only interface anyway?
(putting on asbestos underwear ;-)

Anyway, I think if you limit yourself to X only GUI then Qt or Gtk is
better alternative. Gtk is better as it does not require C++.
Qt is available for Windows (for $$$).

There is also wxwindows which is crossplatform (Windows, X, Mac) and
is used for GUI in DrScheme.