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>>>>> "Alexey" == Alexey Goldin <goldin@spot.uchicago.edu> writes:

    Alexey> Rodrigo Ventura <nuron@isr.isr.ist.utl.pt> writes:
    >> Tcl/Tk does *not* require X! That's precisely what make tcl/tk
    >> so wonderful. Tcl/tk code is 100% portable across mac, windows
    >> and unix. It only requires X under UNIX. The tcl/tk is
    >> distribuited for win32 as well as for unix. Official code from
    >> Sun.

    Alexey> I know everyone will disagree with me, but my small
    Alexey> experience is that Tcl/Tk is not very portable from
    Alexey> version to version causing great pain when new application
    Alexey> require Tk4.1 when old one require Tk4.0. Is it a great
    Alexey> idea to distribute binaries for all platforms of interest
    Alexey> with statically linked libraries?

        You are right in the point between 4.0 and 4.1. But these
versions ars dead. V8.0 has been released, and it will (I hope) stay
stable. There is nothing more horrible than if-then-else to the
version of the libs! They have been doing a great effort in order to
keep it 100% portable.

    Alexey> What is wrong with X only interface anyway?  (putting on
    Alexey> asbestos underwear ;-)

        At the contrary! It would be wonderful if X were the
standard. Microsoft could deploy Windows95 over X. X system is very
flexible. But commercial issues usually come first...

        I don't use Windows. I prefer X a milion times.

    Alexey> Anyway, I think if you limit yourself to X only GUI then
    Alexey> Qt or Gtk is better alternative. Gtk is better as it does
    Alexey> not require C++.  Qt is available for Windows (for $$$).

        $$$ stuff doesn't have much chances to become widespread
(okay, win95 is a rare exception... 8-)

    Alexey> There is also wxwindows which is crossplatform (Windows,
    Alexey> X, Mac) and is used for GUI in DrScheme.

        Anyway, tcl/tk is growing, has Sun behind, has tons of
contribuited software. Of course there are dozens cross-platform
packages. But I think Tk does and will stand out.



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