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Re[2]: GUI

>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Haible <haible@ilog.fr> writes:
    Bruno>    Tk (also look at STk) +: Easy to use +: Scheme and 
    Bruno> Python bindings already exist ?: Can you really get rid of 
    Bruno> Tcl?
     I downloaded tcl/tk 8 (for win32) and cast a cursory glance at it.
     1. They renamed tcl7/tk4 into tcl/tk 8 and made other cosmetic changes 
     to give an impression that you must use tcl if you use tk. They failed 
     to convince me though.
     2. It does *look* like it should be possible to implement any 
     language's interface to tk pretty easily - just define the functions 
     and link tk80.lib, or, better use tk80.dll. I might be wrong, of 
     course (and I would not dare to try to do it myself), but I don't see 
     any reason why CLISP won't be able to support tk immediately: just add 
     a package tk and put all the functions in tk80.dll there.
     I would appreciate if anyone could explain to me why I am wrong (if I