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Re: GUI, Tk, with-wish

In <199709151550.RAA07093@halles.ilog.fr>, Bruno Haible wrote: 
> Matthias Lindner wrote:
> > I have tried different built-in GUIs for CommonLisp (Lucid with
> > LispView, Allegro with CommonWindows, CLISP with StdWin, CLIO). 
> > Forget it - period.
> > That's why I wrote with-wish.
> That's a clear statement. :-)
> It looks like the big packages Garnet, Amulet, CLIM
>   * are hard to learn (huge libraries),
>   * may require some non-negligible effort for binding to CLISP (Amulet),
>     or for completing (CLIM).
> So what we want is a binding with Tcl/Tk. 

If someone starts working on a Tk toolkit for clisp, please keep in
mind that Thorsten Schnier has ported GCl's Tk binding to CMUCL (to be
found at http://www.arch.usyd.edu.au/~thorsten/lisp/lisp.html). A note
to cmucl-imp@cons.org would be appreciated, too. I don't know how
cooperative the GCL folks are.

It probably a good thing to coordinate the efforts. I don't want to
end up with three different Tk bindings :-)
Happy Lisping
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