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Re: GUI, Tk, with-wish

I had started working on an interface between CL and Tk.
It is based on the ideas of STklos, except it is for real CLOS and CL.
I also replaced completely TCL with Lisp.
This was working for Tk 3.6, then a new release was announced that
promised to be less interpreter independent.
Tk 4.0 however moved more stuff to TCL, so I was discouraged to continue.
Anyhow, the code is available in the current ECL distribution:


Even though Tk and CL run in the same process, there is no
problem in dealing with redraw when Lisp is waiting for read:
this is done through a change in the readc primitive used by ECL,
which checks for the presence of events, before taking input from
the stream. Look at the code for the 8 queens problem (in file
The advantage is that you can pass real Lisp expressions (or even closures) to
Tk for use as callbacks.

-- Beppe