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Re[2]: type real

     Sorry about being overly terse (my habitual sin...)
     I *know* about (declare (type whatever)).
     My point is that according to CLtL2, (declare (real ...)) *should* 
     work, that's it.
     It is sad that CLISP ignores type declarations (it is also false: 
     CLISP caught some nasty errors when I sprinkled my code with type 
     declarations limiting the range)
     Is it possible that it will change in the future?
     (what king of speed up might be expected from type declarations in 

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Subject: Re: type real
Author:  <clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> at INET
Date:    1997-09-15 23:11

Sam Shteingold <sshteingold@cctrading.com> writes: 
>      CLISP complains on
>      (declare (real zz))
(declare (type real zz)) should work. But as you know, type declarations 
are completely ignored by clisp. (Safety first - CLISP don't trust user's 
declarations. This also greatly simplifies the compiler :-))