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Re: Clisp/linux libc6

Has anyone compiled Clisp with the new GNU libc6 on linux?  I'm reworking
the Debian GNU/Linux clisp package and I've run into a million
	"conflicting definitions of *" 
	where clisp includes files from /usr/include/*.h

	I suppose I could chop up the clisp .c files if there's not
something obvious I'm missing.   

	One other question,  if I may:
		The last package I made of clisp worked great,  with one
exception.  Running any of the clx/new-clx demos produced a "no such
package:  xlib" error.  (require 'xlib) or (use-package 'xlib) gave the
same.  The module was build by the main clisp/src/Makefile,  so it was
made ok.  Any clues?