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Re[2]: equalp of structs - speed

     but both functions do essentially the same! clisp ignores type 
     declarations, so it checks the types in my version as much as it does 
     in the built-in.

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Subject: Re: equalp of structs - speed 
Author:  <clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> at INET
Date:    1997-09-25 06:19

One difference I bet is if you make an a with an a0 that not a number. 
The equalp function does not know about your declarations.
Besides, it seems odd to me to be complaining about builtin functions 
that are "only" twice as fast as you can write.  I find it not at all 
unusual to be able to write lisp functions that are much faster than 
the equivalent builtin functions, especially on a particular type of 
data that I have in mind.  (I'm not at all claiming that this is more 
common in clisp than in other implementations!)