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New version of CLISP

Hi all,

A new version is at the usual place,

Source diffs are in the 1997-09-25/ subdirectory. I'm also uploading
new binaries for decalpha-osf4, i386-linux-elf, rs6000, sgi-irix53,
sun4-solaris24, sun4-sunos4, win32.

Here is the list of changes since the 1997-08-07 release.

User visible changes

* X3J13 vote <53> is implemented: DEFSTRUCT BOA constructors can have &KEY

* X3J13 vote <40> is partially implemented: New variable *READ-EVAL*.

* X3J13 vote <150> is implemented: (READTABLE-CASE readtable) can now have
  the value :INVERT.

* MAKE-PACKAGE and IN-PACKAGE accept a keyword argument :CASE-SENSITIVE.
  Similarly, DEFPACKAGE accepts an option :CASE-SENSITIVE. When its value is
  non-NIL, the package will be case sensitive, i.e. the reader will not
  case-convert symbol names before looking them up or creating them in this
  package. The package names are still subject to (READTABLE-CASE *READTABLE*),

* X3J13 vote <157> is implemented: ROOM accepts an optional argument with
  default value :DEFAULT.

* New macro SPACE. (SPACE form) evaluates form and prints information about
  the memory allocations caused by this evaluation.

* The spanish translation is now 100% complete. Thanks to Carlos Linares.

* DESCRIBE of a structure now displays the structure's slots.

* The reader now accepts the syntax #\^A ... #\^Z for the ASCII control

* Fixed a CLOS bug: &ALLOW-OTHER-KEYS in lambda lists of INITIALIZE-INSTANCE
  now disables the validity checking of corresponding MAKE-INSTANCE calls.
  Thanks to Matthias Lindner <matthias@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de>.

* Fixed a bug: The type REAL is now accepted as a declaration specifier.

* Fixed a bug: When using GNU gettext, the LOCALIZED function always returned
  the value corresponding to language ENGLISH, and the interactive conflict
  resolution of some IMPORT/EXPORT package operations aborted with an internal

* Fixed a bug in the foreign function interface: call-ins didn't work on
  some platforms.
  Thanks to Matthias Lindner <matthias@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de>.

* Fixed a bug: Calling the function SOCKET-SERVICE-PORT with a non-string
  argument caused a crash.

* Fixed two bugs which could cause a crash when a GC occurred during an
  IN-PACKAGE or during a pathname operation (DOS, OS/2, Win32 versions only).

* Added image support to the clx/new-clx module.
  Thanks to Gilbert Baumann <gilbert@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de>.


* More Win32 support: stack overflow handling, foreign function interface,
  more robust memory management.

* Added support for Win32 (WinNT and Win95), using Borland C++.

* Fixed a compilation error when compiling for sparcv8.
  Thanks to Hans Adams <adamsh@server.ecomp.de>.

* Updated support for Solaris/x86.
  Thanks to Lutz Euler <euler@lavielle.com>.

Other modifications

* Reduced the number of conses allocated by calling APPLY on a function with
  both &KEY and &REST.
  Thanks to Jörg Höhle.

* The CLX documentation can now be viewed in ghostview.
  Thanks to Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>.