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Problems building under Win32

I encountered the following problems while attempting
to build 1997-09-25 under NT 4.0 with MSVC 5.0.

1.  ffcall/avcall/test.exe builds ok but won't run.
I traced the problem to a call to __builtin_avcall
which is written in assembler.  It appears that it
is attempting to jump to an invalid address.

2.  ffcall/vacall/test.exe has a similar problem.

3.  Change the Makefile.msvc in both the above
directories from:

      RM = rm -f
      RM = del

4.  During the build in the src directory the cccp pass
failed due to a stack overflow.  I fixed the problem by
changing utils/gcc-cccp/Makefile.msvc from:

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) cccp.obj cexp.obj version.obj obstack.obj $(ALLOCA) -o cccp


$(CC) $(CFLAGS) cccp.obj cexp.obj version.obj obstack.obj $(ALLOCA) -o cccp
/link /stack:2000000

5.  Adding -nologo to CFLAGS in all the makefiles would prevent the constant
Microsoft copyright messages.

I ignored the failure of items 1 and 2 above and made the rest of the
changes locally.  Everything compiled and built and seems to run.
However, I question the FFI due to items 1 and 2.


Download source code to my Dynace Object Oriented
Extension to C and Windows Development System from:
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