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Re: format ~t - the bug remains

Bruno Haible wrote:
 >    (when (= (sys::%record-length *terminal-io*) 10)
 >      (setf (sys::%record-ref *terminal-io* 7) 'equal)
Wouldn't that be a nice addition for the -I switch?

_clisp.1 says:
:.B -I
:ILISP friendly:
:.B clisp
:interacts in a way that ILISP (a popular Emacs LISP interface) can deal with.
:Currently the only effect of this is that unnecessary prompts are not

I mean, by using -I you tell CLISP that I/O is interactive and O is
probably linked to I even if CLISP sees a pipe.  Of course, that's not
a "safe" option w.r.t. to CLISP philosophy.


PS: BTW, I get 11 and not 10 with:
> (lisp-implementation-version)
"1997-08-07 (Aou>t 1997)"
> (sys::%record-length *terminal-io*)
> *terminal-io*