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RE: Booting problems under WIN95

Have just downloaded the 1997-09-19 Win32 binaries and the problem goes   

However the problem arises if I compile, using the 1997-09-19 sources,   
using MSVC++ 5.0. Since this compiled version does not have the "-mm"   
option I am unable to send the resulting output.

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Ric Hohne writes:
> The booting of the win32 version of lisp.exe appears to be very machine   

> dependant. On some machines it will boot, on others it fails during the   

> VirtualAlloc phase with the "Cannot reserve address range" error   
> message.

Are you working with the latest Win32 binaries, those dated 1997-09-19 ?
They should be much more tolerant w.r.t. swiss cheese memory maps.
If you still get an "Cannot reserve address range" error message during
startup of these binaries, please try "lisp.exe -mm" and send me the
resulting output.