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Re: Memory error?

Rob <rbrennon@compmore.net> writes:

> 	I've been running the DOS version of CLISP for some time now without
> error. Recently moving to the Winodws NT (Sept-19-1997) build I've been
> experiencing a memory-related error. I get: handle_fault error1. SIGSEGV
> cannot be cured. Fault address = 0x8C24BA6C.
> I've allocated 16MB to clisp (in the startup file), just as it was in DOS.
> Is this being caused by Windows page swapping? or something else?
> Please let me know if anybody else is experiencing this problem.

Yes, Don Cohen has seen a problem with very similar symptoms. But I was
unable to track it down, hence it's unknown what causes the problem.

It would be very helpful if you could post a description how to reproduce
for sure the problem. Then someone could debug this; this is tough but
neither Marcus Daniels nor I have enough time for doing this these days.
Thank you.