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Re: recompiling with readline module

Bruce L. Lambert <lambertb@uic.edu> writes:

> I've already got clisp-1997-08-07 (for Solaris x86) up and running. Now I
> want to use the readline and other modules. What steps do I take to install
> these? Do I have to recompile the whole system?

If you wished only to add some of the add-on modules (regexp, clx, ...)
you could simply unpack them, add them to the "MODULES" line in the Makefile,
do "rm -r full" and "make".

But for readline you have to recompile all of clisp. When you are at it,
I'd suggest you upgrade to clisp-1997-09-25. (A few bugs have been fixed
and hopefully none has been added :-))

Once you've unpacked the clispsrc and clispsrc-readline in the same
directory, the configuration will recommend the use of readline.